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The only unbiased review of the TDK Boombox Life on Record Range

Hi, and welcome to TDK!  On this website, we feature videos, pictures and links to the best prices available anywhere for the whole TDK Boombox range.

The TDK Boombox has very quickly become the most sought after home stereo system or iPod dock for those seeking style and substance. Lovers of the Boomboxes of the Eighties have quickly made the TDK 3 speaker Boombox their music system of choice and made it the most in demand music player available today.

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When searching for a sound system for your own personal use, you’re given many options.  Still, if you’re looking at your boombox purchase as a long term investment that is going to give you the highest satisfaction and enjoyment, then you want a quality system with great build quality and explosive sound!


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Early concerns by a handful of buyers about some components have been addressed and all the leading review sites have agreed that any one of the TDK Life on Record range will give great long standing service – as well as being the envy of your friends.

As well as the TDK 2 speaker boombox and the TDK Sound Cube the range has recently been expanded by adding the acclaimed ST-800 headphones.

Thank you for checking out our website!  We hope that you find the perfect system from the TDK Boombox range that is just right for you, and don’t forget to check out the best pieces on the TDK Life on Record range here!

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