TDK 2 Speaker Boombox

Are you thinking about buying the TDK 2 speaker Boombox?

Don’t hesitate – The TDK 2 Speaker Boombox will blow you away with its sleek styling and ridiculous quality and power of sound.

It’s great.

I bought the TDK 3 Speaker Boombox but my partner on this site, Mike, bought the 2 speaker.

If anything he prefers his as it’s that bit easier to carry around and move from place to place whilst mine pretty much stays in one place at my house!

Watch out for the batteries though. This beast is much better off plugged in as the batteries add a huge amount to the weight and they drain in less than a week. If you’re going to take the TDK 2 speaker Boombox on the beach or to the park, put the batteries in for the trip and take them out when you come back.

That said, the sound from a portable on the beach is certifiably the best you can get and if you’re having an after dark party somewhere remote this is the ONLY Boombox that can handle it.

Mike did have some problems with the connection of his phone but they weren’t really anything that you can blame TDK for and it’s all sweet now.

The first hitch was that his then Android doesn’t connect over the USB to the 2 Speaker Boombox. It plugs in fine to the 3.5mm jack and the sound is just as good, so it’s not a real issue.

Mike then switched to an iPhone 4S just before Christmas and he’d had his TDK Boombox for a little over three months. When he plugged that in over the USB connector the sound had a very slight ticking noise and the Boombox could only be controlled from the iPhone.

So, he downloaded the latest firmware update – very easy to do and he was talked through it by the TDK support people – and both issues were fixed. He’s loving it now and reckons it’s better sounding than his insane Alpine car stereo!

Looking at the TDK website it seems that all 2 speaker Boomboxes shipping now have the latest firmware update (2.3.7 at the time of writing this) and there are no known problems with current iPhones. The thing is, TDK are so on top of that issue that it doesn’t matter – they’ll keep updating the firmware which is a lot more than most devices can even do!

These are quotes from reviews by actual buyers of the TDK 2 speaker Boombox:

  • What’s great about it: EVERYTHING. What’s not so great: CAN’T THINK OF ONE THING…SIMPLY LOVE IT!!!
  • I definitely recommend this to anyone its ridiculous how good it sounds, like there is no words for it. It sounds like your listening to surround sound and I’ve gotten the cops called on me listening to it….in my house – ya thats right in my house!
  • OK first off this thing looks AMAZING!!!! Its real simple to use and would recommend it to somebody who wants a nice easy setup.
  • First off I am very very pleased with the sound, it can get very loud without any distortion. Build quality is A+. pretty sure I could drop it down a flight of stairs and pick it up and play it without anything problems.

We love the TDK 2 Speaker Boombox!

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