TDK Sound Cube

Not sure whether to go for the TDK Sound Cube or one of the models of TDK Boombox?

It’s a tough one – they are all as good as you’ve heard. The few naysayers are wrong. This whole range is the daddy! You won’t be disappointed whichever one you go for.

Between us we have one of each of the Boomboxes, but the guitarist in our band has the Sound Cube and he sometimes brings it to rehearsals. The ability to plug in an instrument to the auxiliary audio jacks and use it as a makeshift amp or to play over something from another sound source, such as your iPod, using the function to mix audio sources is pretty much unique to the whole TDK Life on Record range.

It is very cool!

The looks of the TDK Sound Cube ape the rest of the range. Where the Boomboxes have gone for a high gloss finish, the Sound Cube has a little of that on the control panel but is way more chunky in its overall styling.

If it’s portability you’re looking for then the Sound Cube is the one to go for. It’s actually a lot smaller than the Boomboxes and weighs a lot less, so it’s way more portable. And there’s something about that finish and ruggedness that makes it the best choice for the musician who might use it as a practice amp now and again. That leather strap and the machined aluminium dials just have that touch of class that make this cube draw plenty of envious looks!

But, the TDK Sound Cube doesn’t give away anything in terms of room filling sound. Despite the odd speaker layout on two sides of the cube the sound has good separation and great clarity – just like the rest of the range. TDK claim the design actually enhances the stereo effect and having heard it I reckon they’re telling the truth.

Since the Sound Cube is ‘made for iPod’ the whole set-up works flawlessly (and firmware updates will keep that the case – this thing is future proof!). That means that your iPod will charge whilst plugged in yet you can control all of the functions direct from the Cube’s controls.

What else is there to say?

Well, these are some genuine reviews taken from the big online sites where you can buy the TDK Sound Cube (I always buy from Amazon for total peace of mind):

  • In a 10′ by 10′ room the sound is remarkable. The 17 lb heft delivers. The bass is extraordinarily clean
  • I like it much more than I expected; TDK has a sleeper hit here
  • TDK’s Sound Cube feels very well made and sounds better than I’d imagined. The bass it pumps out is excellent given the woofer size. For the price, it’s far and away the best portable speaker system I’ve heard
  • Beautiful original design, well crafted, solid rich materials, superb build quality. Sound quality is excellent. A lot more powerful than it looks. Plays like a huge speaker box!!!

You know what – I think that’s enough about the TDK Sound Cube.

Go and get yours on Amazon now!


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The TDK Boombox has very quickly become the most sought after home stereo system or iPod dock for those seeking style and substance. Lovers of the Boomboxes of the Eighties have quickly made the TDK 3 speaker Boombox their music system of choice and made it the most in demand music player available today.

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You will find the best TDK Boombox review here.

Early concerns by a handful of buyers about some components have been addressed and all the leading review sites have agreed that any one of the TDK Life on Record range will give great long standing service – as well as being the envy of your friends.

As well as the TDK 2 speaker boombox and the TDK Sound Cube the range has recently been expanded by adding the acclaimed ST-800 headphones.

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